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Moscow Mosque Defaced After Charlie Hebdo Killings

A mosque in Moscow was vandalized Monday, a reporter for the Kavpolit news site wrote on Twitter.

The mosque, at the city's Poklonnaya Gora war memorial park, had been spray-painted with obscene words and crude drawings of male genitalia and a Russian Orthodox cross, photos posted on Twitter showed.

Magomed Edilsultanov, the reporter who announced the vandalism, said on Twitter that police had been called to the scene and the graffiti had quickly been painted over.

It was unclear who the culprits were. There have been reports of attacks on mosques in France after last week's deadly Islamic extremist terrorist violence in Paris.

The Poklonnaya Gora park is home to a mosque, synagogue and church built to honor the Soviet soldiers of different faiths who fought side-by-side during World War II.

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