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After Suffering Electric Shock, Russian Boy Develops 'Magneto' Superpowers

Nikolai Kruglyachenko demonstrates his ability to attract metal objects.

An 11-year-old boy in Siberia has developed an unusual talent for attracting metal objects, and now plans to put his magnetic powers to good use by becoming a superhero.

Nikolai Kruglyachenko found he was able to stick metal objects to his torso and hands after he suffered an electric shock, regional television channel GTRK Omsk reported Monday. The report also broadcast images of the "boy magnet" with silverware clinging to his chest and back.

"Even when I don't want to, it just happens. One time I even attracted a cup. It just moved toward me on its own," Kruglyachenko was cited as saying.

Kruglyachenko is not the only person to have displayed such magnetic talents — there have been a number of recorded incidences of people attracting metal objects, though scientists are at a loss to explain just why this happens.

As for Kruglyachenko, he says that he is now in training to attract ever heavier objects and that he plans to put his talents to good use.

"I think I will become a superhero," Kruglyachenko was quoted as saying.

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