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Russian Strategic Bombers Approached U.S. Borders

Two Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers and four other military aircraft flew within the vicinity of the northern shores of Alaska last week as part of Russia's East-2014 military exercises, the Defense Ministry confirmed Saturday.

"Two strategic missile carriers Tu-95 were following four Russian interceptor aircrafts Mig-31 and two aerial refueling tankers Il-78," a statement released by the ministry said, as quoted by Interfax.

The aircraft were also followed by U.S. F-22 Raptor fighter aircrafts for three minutes.

The Russian planes did not cross into American airspace, and the flights were conducted in strict accordance with international norms, the statement said.

Earlier U.S., Canadian and UK military officials claimed Russian has ramped up military activities near their borders. On Wednesday, six Russian aircraft entered the U.S air defense identification zone, North American Aerospace Command said last week.

Over the past several months the U.S. and Russia have accused each other of violating their respective territorial integrity. Intensified military activity on both sides of the border was seen by analysts as a consequence Of increased tensions between the two countries over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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