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Moscow's Crazy Roads: Drivers Brawl During Morning Rush Hour

Two drivers clashed on the way to work Monday morning on the outskirts of Moscow, and they hadn't even crashed into each other.

In footage caught on the dashboard camera of a nearby driver, the driver of a white Renault flares up after he is temporarily blocked from turning into a lane of barely moving traffic by a gray Lada alongside him.

When the Lada driver honks his horn a number of times, the enraged Renault driver gets out, opens his neighbor's door and starts throwing punches and kicks.

The put-upon Lada driver tries to respond with a few well-aimed blows but to no avail. The Renault driver clearly gets the upper hand, and he is able to return to his car and calmly drive away.

All this time, the traffic had barely moved.

Moscow's Crazy Roads:

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