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Russia Bans Central European University as ‘Undesirable’ Org

The Central European University's campus in Budapest. Elekes Andor (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Russia has designated the Central European University (CEU) as an “undesirable” organization, the Prosecutor General’s Office said in a Telegram post on Monday. 

The Prosecutor General’s Office accused the university of working to shape an “anti-Russian agenda imbued with hatred of Russia and its multinational people” in the global media.

It also claimed that the Vienna-based university — whose official mission includes promoting openness and democracy in central and eastern Europe and former Soviet countries — is in fact focused on discrediting Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine and political leadership.

The Prosecutor General’s Office noted that individuals associated with the Russian government and supporters of the invasion of Ukraine are strictly banned from participating in CEU programs.

Russia has effectively banned public opposition to its war in Ukraine since invading its neighbor in February 2022.

Organizations labeled “undesirable” must shut down all activities inside Russia, and the designation makes it illegal for individuals and media outlets in Russia to republish these organizations’ materials.

In its post, the Prosecutor General’s Office also claimed that CEU is funded by structures controlled by George Soros. 

Several organizations associated with the billionaire philanthropist have been targeted by Russia’s “undesirable” organizations law since it was passed in 2015.

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