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Russia Says 'Eliminated' Ukrainian Fighters in Border Region

FSB of Russia

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said Wednesday it had "eliminated" a group of four Ukrainian fighters who tried to cross into Russia's western Bryansk region from northern Ukraine, news agencies reported.

The announcement came a day after Moscow said it had prevented Ukrainian militants from infiltrating the Bryansk region, which has regularly seen similar attacks.

"The FSB of the Russian Federation and forces of the Defense Ministry... in the Bryansk region prevented an attempt to infiltrate the territory of the Russian Federation," said the FSB, adding that "four saboteurs were eliminated."

Officials said the incident took place in the Starodubsky district, in the western corner of the Bryansk region, not far from the border with Belarus.

The FSB claimed the group had "foreign weapons and explosive devices" and said they were planning "provocations and sabotage actions on Russian territory."

In June, the Belgorod region saw the largest incursion since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine has usually denied responsibility for such attacks, blaming instead Russian partisan groups opposed to President Vladimir Putin.

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