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Flood-Hit Region in Russia's Far East Declares Emergency to Expand Disaster Relief

Rescuers evacuate people from the flooded city of Ussuriysk. Russian Emergencies Ministry

Authorities in the flood-stricken Primorye region of Russia's Far East on Tuesday declared a state of emergency to expand relief efforts following an outcry by local residents in affected areas.

Governor Oleg Kozhemyako promised higher payouts to families whose homes were damaged by tropical storm Khanun, which pummeled the Primorye region last week, triggering evacuations and causing a deadly dam burst.

“The regional emergency will allow increased support measures for the population affected by flooding,” Kozhemyako said during a meeting with an official from Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry.

“Municipal resources won’t be able to cope given the extent of the damage,” the governor added.

Kozhemyako promised additional aid after residents of towns most affected by the flooding expressed anger over compensation ranging between 2,000-25,000 rubles ($20-260).

In Ussuriysk, a city that saw its worst flooding in a decade and whose authorities pledged higher payouts, video shared on social media showed residents getting into a heated argument with the mayor over payments.

"Have you been to the store today? Have you seen the prices?” one resident is heard saying.

Kozhemyako said the Primorye region may turn to Moscow for federal aid if regional disaster relief efforts proved insufficient.

Meanwhile, regional emergency officials issued a new storm warning Tuesday over tropical storm Lan, which made landfall in Japan earlier in the day and is expected to reach Primorye on Wednesday and Thursday.

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