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Feast on Moroccan Cuisine This Weekend

Make the July 4-5 weekend deliciously Moroccan.


This weekend stay home and have Morocco delivered to your door. The Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park is offering a full Moroccan dinner for two (or more) Jult 4 and 5. Enjoy the fresh blend of Arabic, Berber and European culinary traditions! This dinner has a lot of dishes for vegetarians. 

The set menu includes: 

Cold Mezze and Salad

Four vegetarian dishes: hummus, eggplant mutabal with pita bread, marinated vegetables and tabbouleh, along with smoked salmon labneh. The salad is Moroccan chickpea salad with raisins, carrots and lemon juice, which is also vegetarian.

Hot Dishes 

Traditional tomato based soup harira with lentils and chickpeas; chicken bastilla (traditional pie made from paper-thin layers of pastry, stuffed with a succulent stuffing of chicken with saffron and coriander); briouats (savory puff pastry with three types of stuffing: lamb, cheese, fish); chicken tajine with lemon and olives, served with couscous; zaalouk (a kind of cooked salad) with eggplant, bell peppers and olive oil (vegetarian); and kefta meatball tajines with bulgur.


Fig cake and milk bastilla with saffron and dry fruits.

The price for the meal is 3500 rubles, which includes mint tea and free delivery anywhere within the Third Ring Road. 

Be sure to order 24 hours in advance. Call +7 495 479 1234 or send an e-mail to 

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