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Russian Murder Suspect Gets Stuck in Ceiling During Botched Escape Attempt

Video shows Leonid Greyser shimmying up the inside of the cage before bailiffs bring him back down. Screenshot Lifenews

A Russian man on trial for allegedly killing his sister under the influence of synthetic drugs got stuck in the ceiling after trying to escape from the courtroom’s glass cage, court footage showed.

Leonid Greyser was filmed shimmying up the inside of the bulletproof cage as three bailiffs try to climb up the cage and bring him back down. 

“I’m holding him,” a female bailiff can be heard saying in a video posted by the Life media outlet Tuesday.

When Greyser next emerges from the ceiling tiles, one of his pant legs is hanging off his feet. 

The bailiffs call for backup and one of them can then be seen tasing Greyser, after which the suspect agrees to climb back down into the glass cage.

The three-minute video ends with Greyser pulling his pants up and the bailiffs cuffing his hands through the cage.

Russian lawmakers have recently moved to ban the glass cages from courtrooms. 

Valentina Matviyenko, the upper-house Federation Council speaker who spearheaded the issue, urged the government Friday to push lower-house lawmakers to pass a bill banning these cages.

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