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The Spiciest Russian Memes From Tesla's Cybertruck Launch

Tesla's newest vehicle gets reimagined as Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov's final resting place. brainsapiens / Twitter

Tesla mastermind Elon Musk recently revealed the company's newest vehicle, the Cybertruck.

With its hyper-futurist geometric shape and questionable window durability, the "bulletproof" electric truck has incited mixed reactions on social media — people either love it or hate it. The boxy truck's high-profile launch has already been trolled by brands like Lego and Pepsi.

Like everything Elon Musk does, the Cybertruck's reveal has also sparked widespread attention on the Russian-speaking corner of the internet. And you know the old saying: Wherever Russia's attention goes, memes shall follow.

Here's a look at our favorite Cybertruck memes from across the Runet:

Every Victory Day, Russians celebrate the end of World War II with car decals that read "Thank you grandfather for the victory." Will the Cybertruck someday take part in this tradition?

That feeling when you're a 19th-century Russian peasant who just needs a reliable plow.

The Cybertruck's spacious bed is big enough to bring all the essentials around town.

The Cybertruck blends into its natural habitat in a Russian courtyard.

My Uber's here.

We thought it looked familiar.

"Elon Musk, your car is plagiarism."

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