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Lonely St. Petersburg Horse Unsuccessfully Attempts to Ride City Bus

Screenshot Vkontakte

We’ve all found ourselves standing next to strange and unusual figures while waiting for the bus. 

But commuters in St. Petersburg were likely shocked to find a lone horse waiting at their bus stop Tuesday morning.

Video shared on VKontakte shows the horse nonchalantly grazing on some grass at the bus stop. When the bus arrives, the equine passenger tries to hop on the bus just like any other day until the bus doors abruptly shut in its face.

Maybe the animal didn't have a ticket. Maybe it was just the wrong bus. Either way, the horse's attempts to ride the bus were foiled, leaving it with no choice but to walk to its destination. 

But the horse wasn’t upset by the refusal — it simply turned around and walked away to snack on some more grass.

Many online observers were puzzled by the sight of the horse, which wasn’t accompanied by a human and wasn’t wearing a harness or saddle. According to some social media users from St. Petersburg, there is a stable next to the bus stop and it’s not surprising to see horses in the area.

While some online observers tried to joke that “One horsepower was just parked in the wrong place,” others sympathized with the animal. 

“Just let the animal eat, later it will be carrying carriages around the Hermitage,” one social media user said.

Another user simply remarked: “This is Russia. Why are you surprised?”

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