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Tourist Who Mocks Russian Bear Ends Up Running For His Life


A tourist visiting Russia's Far East experienced a life-threatening encounter after approaching a young bear by the road, local media have reported.

A group of tourists discovered the young brown bear walking alongside the road as they drove near the Kamchatka region village of Malka.

One member of the group decided to step outside of the car to take a closer look at the bear.

Video recorded by the man’s friends show him casually approaching the animal, getting as close as a meter away, before turning his back.

At this point, the bothered beast spontaneously bursts into action and chases the man, giving him milliseconds to jump back inside the car.

Social media users expressed discontent with the tourists’ behavior, with many doubting the man’s ability to rationalize his own actions.

"Because of the abundance of expletives in the video, the audio had to be turned off," Kam 24, the local media that published the video, wrote.

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