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Russian Millennials Worry Most About Corruption and Inequality, Study Says

Kirill Zykov / Moskva News Agency

Russian millennials are more concerned about corruption and income inequality than their global peers, the U.S auditing company Deloitte said in a survey published Monday.

Millennials around the world named climate change (29 percent) and income inequality (22 percent) as their top personal concerns, the survey said.

Russian millennials named political and business corruption (38 percent) and income inequality (36 percent) as the issues that worry them the most.

Another 30 percent of Russians born between 1983 and 1994 named wars and political instability as the third-most concerning issue. Globally, unemployment ranked as the third-most concerning issue at 21 percent.

Russian millennials also appear to be more driven than their global peers. Three percent more Russian millennials said they aspire to start their own business compared to millennials worldwide, while 14 percent more Russian millennials said they want to earn a high salary.

More Russian millennials also said they would like to travel, buy a home and start a family than respondents worldwide.

However, 11 percent fewer Russian millennials said they are generally satisfied with life than their global cohorts.

Deloitte conducted the global survey among 16,425 millennial respondents from 42 countries between Dec. 4  and Jan. 18. More than 300 Russian millennials took part in the survey.

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