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Brazen Brown Bear Makes Off With Hunters’ Rations in Russian Far East

Alexander Vorobyov

A group of hunters in Russia's Far East may have witnessed the invention of a new saying: “Give a bear some food and you feed it for a day; give it more food and it’ll leave you hungry.”

This brown bear was filmed boldly raiding a pickup truck on a highway somewhere on the Kamchatka peninsula over the weekend, making off with a box full of their rations.

“All our grub’s in there!” one hunter can be heard yelling after a warning shot is fired and the handsy bruin runs off into the forest with its spoils.

The brazen crime took place on the same highway where what may be the same bear was filmed begging passersby for food a day earlier.

“It’s clearly not afraid of humans and even a shot didn’t scare it off,” the video’s author wrote.

A number of bear sightings have been caught on camera in the area over the past few days.

At least 70 bears were killed in Kamchatka region in 2018, while bears were known to kill at least two humans last year, The Siberian Times reported.

The bears appear to be emboldened by people who feed them despite the regional nature reserve’s “Don’t Feed the Bears” campaign, the news website reported.

This year, a hunter’s remains were found on the peninsula in what is thought to be a bear attack.

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