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Russian Social Media Explodes With Memes After Zelenskiy's Win in Ukraine

Zelenskiy and Poroshenko face off in a rap battle. Vkontakte

Russian Twitter users had plenty of memes at the ready for Ukraine's presidential election on Sunday.

Ukraine's election of comic actor Volodymyr Zelenskiy only heightened the stakes for meme-makers across Russia — as only the funniest memes would do.

Here are some of our favorites:

Can a Russian comic become a president? Putin doesn't think so.

Russia was closely following the debates in Ukraine — even cats were watching.

"It is hard to look at lips you cannot kiss."

Not everyone could stay calm under pressure.

What's the difference between a presidential debate and a rap battle?

"Jon Snow before a battle with the Night King."

"I was just joking and they elected me."

Putin is ready to watch the show. Are you?

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