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Video: Russia Stages Black Sea Missile Drills

Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian military released footage on Friday showing its naval forces shooting and launching missiles in the Black Sea.

Earlier this week, NATO announced plans to expand its surveillance in the Black Sea in support of Ukraine.

Two of the Black Sea Fleet’s guided missile corvettes launched “Moskit” (“Mosquito”) supersonic missiles at targets simulating enemy warships.

The video published by the Defense Ministry-run Zvezda news channel showed the corvettes navigating the waters and launching the supersonic missiles.

On Thursday, Baltic Fleet forces staged drills to train amphibious assault on the Baltic Sea coast in the Kaliningrad region.

Approximately 20 amphibious assault ships, as well as armored personnel carriers and helicopters, participated in the drills at Khmelevka firing ground. The Defense Ministry said the mission goals included mine-clearing in the landing area and neutralizing the opposition force.

Meanwhile, the Northern Fleet rehearsed a joint defense and counter-attack operation of motorized rifles, military vehicles and aviation against a surprise assault.

Reuters contributed reporting to this article.

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