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Putin Applauds Russian Women for 'Managing Everything at Work and Home Whilst Staying Beautiful'

Alexei Nikolsкy / TASS

President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian women on International Women's Day in a video message posted on the Kremlin’s website on Friday.

Women’s Day is a national holiday in Russia and one of the most important public holidays inherited from the Soviet period.

"You manage everything at work and at home, whilst staying beautiful, bright, and charming," Putin said, adding that “It is hard to imagine the history and development of our country without the contribution of the great Russian women.”

Yesterday, ahead of the celebrations, Putin visited a female police corps where he rode a horse alongside female officers.

“What does a young woman need to maintain her figure? Three things: a workout machine, a masseuse and a suitor,” Putin told the police officers.

Putin also told the female police staff that when they patrol the city woodland parks, the number of accidents drops "because those who wish to commit suicide look at you and want to live again.”

In a video posted on his official Instagram account, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wished for women “to be happy for an eternity.”

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