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Loaned Battle Tanks Return to Russia From Laos

T-34 / Wikicommons

Dozens of Russia’s T-34 tanks are making their way home after being on loan to Laos as Moscow reportedly negotiates a new arms deal with its Southeast Asian ally.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu traveled to Laos in January 2018, where he was said to have negotiated the return of 30 T-34 tanks.

“The equipment has traveled more than 4,500 kilometers by sea and arrived in Vladivostok,” the Russian military said Wednesday.

The military said the tanks are "in entirely good condition" and will continue onward by rail to the Moscow region.

The Soviet-era tanks will be displayed in World War II Victory Day parades, donated to museums and used in the filming of World War II sagas, the Defense Ministry added.

Meanwhile, media reports have said that Russia began deliveries of “several dozen” Soviet-made T-72B1 battle tanks to Laos for an unspecified sum last month.

Laos’ defense minister had told Russian media that Moscow was also due to send it Yak-130 combat trainers.

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