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The Year in Review: 2018 in Memes

Twitter / MT

Russians tend to see humor in everything, so it’s no surprise that they’ve fully embraced meme culture to poke fun at the bizarre parts of life in Russia.

This year was no exception. Internet users created memes ranging from canonized footballers to born again journalists and, of course, Russia’s favorite meme persona: Elon Musk.

Take a look below at the funniest memes that Russians produced in 2018.

Russia’s Answer to Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch  [*сlick for more memes!]

When Elon Musk successfully launched a rocket toward Mars carrying a red Tesla in February, some saw it as a landmark moment for space exploration. Others, however, saw Russia’s status as a cosmic superpower evaporate before their eyes. In the battle for space supremacy, SpaceX has defeated Roscosmos. And what better way to digest that news than with a meme?

Your rocket vs. the rocket of your mother's friend's son.

After Babchenko's Resurrection, Twitter Reacts Accordingly

Many woke up on the morning of May 30 to the shocking news that dissident journalist Arkady Babchenko had been murdered outside his home in Kiev the night before. However, less than 24 hours after his supposed death, it was discovered that Babchenko was alive and well and that his murder had been a sting operation set up by the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU).

										 					Gunnar Leifsson / Facebook
Gunnar Leifsson / Facebook

Zolotov vs. Navalny Showdown

In September, the head of Russia's National Guard, Viktor Zolotov, challenged opposition politician Alexei Navalny to a fight over a video alleging state corruption. The Russian internet was quick to react to the latest incident of bizarre statecraft in the country.

										 					Lentach / Vkontakte
Lentach / Vkontakte

Russian Internet Users Poke Fun at Tiny Putin

photo of Putin shaking hands with Trump became the source of ridicule and criticism among Russian-speaking internet users — stemming from the Kremlin's reported policy of avoiding photo-ops in which the Russian leader looks shorter than those around him.

Russian Social Media Laughs, Canonizes After Stunning World Cup Win

The outpouring of joy following Russia’s victory over Spain during the home held football World cup may have reminded the Kremlin of Soviet-era celebrations after World War II, but the age of social media gave the scenes a 21st-century makeover. Goalkeeper Igor Akinfeyev gained the immediate status of national hero after making a crucial save with the tip of his toe during penalty shootouts.

Shark Attack: Russia Goes Wild for Ikea Sharks

For reasons unbeknownst to us, Russia went wild this year for sharks from Ikea.


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