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Moonshine Apparatus Explodes in Moscow Apartment, Injuring 3 Residents — Reports

Moskva News Agency

A home moonshine-making apparatus reportedly exploded on Thursday night, injuring three Moscow residents.

Emergency services told media the blast occurred on the fifth floor of an apartment building in southwest Moscow late on Thursday, possibly due to tampering with an “explosive liquid.”

“A broken family that leads an antisocial lifestyle lives in that apartment. Its members produced moonshine,” the state-run TASS news agency quoted an unnamed law-enforcement source as saying.

“At least three people were injured and one of the apartment walls collapsed as a result of their apparatus exploding,” the source said.

Photographs showed blowed-out windows and debris outside the building.

										 					Moskva News Agency
Moskva News Agency

The apartment owner was reportedly previously convicted for drug trafficking.

The distiller may have acted as a front for a drug manufacturing lab, an unnamed emergency service source later told the RIA Novosti news agency.

“The man was making drugs in the apartment, a gas and air mixture burst when mixing the components,” the source was quoted as saying Friday.

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