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'Glory to Ukraine' Football Jerseys Spark Russian Protest

Pavel Kubanov / Football Association of Ukraine /

Russia’s Football Union has accused the Ukrainian national team of violating the sport's ban on political slogans by issuing a jersey bearing the "Glory to Ukraine" phrase.

The Ukrainian team unveiled its new uniforms with the slogan ahead of a UEFA Nations League game against the Czech Republic this week. The phrase has become a common rallying cry in Kiev’s conflict against Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine but has been called "fascist" in Russia over its historical links to a nationalist group that adopted it in the 1940s.

On Wednesday, RFS member Igor Lebedev told Russian media that placing slogans on national jerseys went against the rules of the sport.

“I believe FIFA or UEFA should look into this… Sadly, we’re seeing politics invading all areas of life, including sport,” Lebedev was quoted as saying by the Govorit Moskva radio station.

FIFA sanctioned a Croatian defender during the World Cup in Russia in July for shouting “Glory to Ukraine” in a video on social media after a semifinal victory over Russia.

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