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New Water Pumps Take Payment by Card in Southern Russia

Krasnodar/ alex Roosso/ Flickr

Southern Russia has become the latest region to install card-operated water pumps to cut down on water waste.

Outdoor hand-pump wells that tap into the main pipeline or groundwater are a popular way for Russians living in remote locations to access drinking water. Public utilities have introduced “smart” pumps that dispense water through pre-paid cards across Russia in over the past few years.

The first such card-based pump has appeared in Krasnodar near the Black Sea coast this week. The top-up cards aim to cut waste by limiting water distribution to residents without access to plumbing, regional authorities said.

Water usage will be capped at 1,960 liters per month, which Krasnodar’s public utilities administration said equals the average person’s consumption norm.

Users will be charged extra once this limit is reached, the utility service told the Kuban24 broadcaster.

The “next-generation” pump is expected to become operational later in August, and has been placed steps away from a 30-year-old well, the state-run Rossia 1 broadcaster’s Krasnodar branch reported.

The city’s estimated 200 Soviet-era water pumps will also be gradually replaced with automated wells, the broadcaster said.

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