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Giant Matryoshka Doll Nearly Hits Bystander in Siberian Parking Lot


A giant nesting doll broke free from a shopping mall in Eastern Siberia and almost hit an unprepared bystander in the parking lot, before being cut short by a parked van. 

The 5-meter red and green inflatable “Matryoshka” adorned a Belarussian goods fair in the city of Bratsk when a dashboard camera caught a glimpse of it being swept up in the wind to float away, the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid reported Monday.  

A 10-second video shared by the Bratsk Television Studio’s social media page over the weekend showed the matryoshka tumble across the mall’s courtyard, with several people running after it. 

The studio’s television segment shared on Monday described the fleeting matryoshka as a “lightheaded damsel” seeking to “repeat the fate of Icarus.”

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