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Russian Women Undress in Support of Raped Murder Victim

Instagram @viktoria_polsha

Hundreds of women in Russia have posted revealing pictures of themselves online in a viral social media campaign directed against victim blaming.

The campaign began after media outlets questioned the innocence of a young woman who was allegedly murdered and raped in Moscow on Tuesday. At least one Russian media outlet said the victim was “not as innocent as might seem at first glance,” citing Instagram pictures of her without clothes on and drinking alcohol, which may have “provoked” her killer.

Tatyana Strakhova, 19, was raped and murdered on Tuesday by her ex-boyfriend and roommate Artyom Iskhakov, who committed suicide after publishing a confession of his murder online, the Meduza news website reported.

The first user to launch the #NoReasonToKill hashtag hit back at people expressing support for Iskhakov, saying “whether the person wears clothes or walks around naked, takes pictures in underwear or a swimsuit … that is #NoReasonToKill.”

The phrase took off within hours as women throughout Russia posted their own photographs, expressing dismay over attempts to rationalize Strakhova’s murder. 

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