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Moscow Cops Release Armed Men For Cash Moments Before Robbery

Svetlana Kholyavchuk / Interpress / TASS

Police officers outside Moscow have been charged with abuse of power after accepting cash from a group of armed men that later went on to rob a grocery store. 

The two officers discovered two handguns, gloves and masks after searching a car with four men in a northeastern Moscow suburb of Korolyov in November 2017, investigators said in an online statement Monday. 

“Understanding that these items were prepared to commit criminal acts, they did not detain and bring in [the suspects], and did not inform the dispatch center,” the statement said.

The policemen demanded a bribe of 100,000 rubles ($1,800) and two mobiles phones in exchange for the suspects' documents and car keys but agreed to release them after receiving half of the payment. 

“The four men proceeded to the town of Balashikha, where they robbed the ‘Produkty’ grocery store,” the investigative committee said.

The two officers have been detained while the investigation continues.

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