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Russia's Monster Fish Resurface on Instagram

Roman Fedortsov / Instagram @rfedortsov_official_account

The New Year brings a new collection of deep-sea creatures that might as well have come from outer space.

Last December, we published a gallery of the most unusual catches of Roman Fedortsov, who works on a fishing trawler based in Murmansk, a port city north of the Arctic Circle.

This time around, we’ve selected 12 bizarre species to mark the passing of 2017.

" I hope you’re not eating right now!"

"ScaryBeauty in my hands "

"To me, they look very much like the dwarves in “The Lord of the Rings.” What do you think?"

" Disapproving look..."

"Biologists caught a frilled shark off the coast of Portugal. But their pictures were blurry, so they decided to use mine. For those interested, here's the shark. Caught off the coast of Mauritania."

"Linophryne Brevibarbata, commonly called 'Bearded Sea Devils.' This is a female. Males are much smaller than females."

"The promachoteuthis sulcus is a rare squid which appears to have human-looking teeth - although they are actually just flaps of skin. Taken by Richard E Young."

"Big #Sunfish. Fishing in Atlantic Ocean, near Morocco."

"The Beauty from the Sea Bottom."

" Wolffish Zombie."

"‪Gang of the underwater world. Гоп стоп, мы подошли из-за угла‬."

"Hello! I'm smiling fish... and I'm hungry."

Happy New Year!

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