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Anti-Kremlin Bolotnaya Protester Ivan Nepomnyashchikh Released

Ivan Nepomnyashikh Moskva News Agency

Ivan Nepomnyashchikh, a participant in mass anti-Kremlin protests in 2012, was released on Thursday from a Yaroslavl prison.

Nepomnyashchikh was convicted for participating in mass public protests and using violence against police officers in December 2015, hitting police officers with an umbrella.

He became the 33rd person to be convicted as part of the “Bolotnaya case” which saw dozens of participants of the anti-Kremlin protests on Bolotnaya Square in 2012 prosecuted and more than 10 people jailed. Most of those convicted have by now sat out their terms.

Throughout his incarceration, Nepomnyashchikh was held in solitary confinement and complained of abuse at the hands of prison guards.

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