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‘Crucified Jesus’ Detained Outside Moscow FSB Headquarters

Organizers said they wanted to draw attention to the FSB’s activities. Screenshot Twitter

A Russian activist has been detained for staging a half-naked crucifixion stunt outside the Federal Security Service (FSB) headquarters in central Moscow, witnesses reported late Thursday.

Pavel Krisevich replicated the crucifixion of Jesus Christ while other activists in raincoats labeled “FSB” doused the surrounding area with a harmless burning liquid and scattered folders signifying criminal cases, according to the news website. Organizers said they wanted to draw attention to the FSB’s activities, the Associated Press reported.

Law enforcement officers detained Krisevich and took him to a police station, where he was charged with multiple violations of rules for holding public events, the police monitoring website OVD-Info reported. He faces up to 30 days in jail if found guilty.

Krisevich is scheduled to face an appeal hearing Friday morning for a previous stunt during the sentencing of several young activists on charges of extremism in August, according to OVD-Info. A court fined him the equivalent of $130 for cutting a mannequin’s throat outside the court building.

In August, Krisevich “hanged” himself off a bridge in St. Petersburg in support of Russian and Belarusian political prisoners.

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