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Russian Magazine The New Times Closes Print Amid Financial Troubles


Russian opposition-leaning magazine The New Times announced Sunday it will close its print edition due to financial problems.

The magazine was registered as a non-profit organization for the past four years, relying solely on its subscribers for revenue. New Times editor-in-chief Yevgenia Albats said this gave the publication editorial freedom. In 2017, the magazine fell short of its target subscriber figure.

“For ten years, despite all the difficulties, troubles, threats, we have remained an absolutely independent publication,” Albats said in a statement in the last paper issue of the newspaper.

The New Times had received multiple warnings from Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor recently for reports on far-right Ukrainian Right Sector organization and Russian citizens fighting alongside Islamic State.

“Having a paper publication is a quality sign of sorts, whether we like it or not,” Albats said. “We held as long as we could. But we can’t do a magazine without money.”

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