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Moscow: News and Openings



Karaoke gets classy 

Cinematograph is a new karaoke bar and restaurant at the trendy Tryokhgornaya Manufaktura, a former industrial space that is gradually turning into a new center of cultural and social life. The menu has been developed by Alexei Belikov (chef at Yuliya Vysotskaya’s Food Embassy). Try beef tartare for 790 rubles ($13.40), stewed pork ribs (750 rubles) or grilled Moroccan octopus (1,400 rubles).


Russian without a twist 

Located at the entrance to Aptekarsky Ogorod (the Botanical Garden) Beriozka specializes in familiar Russian fare, but unlike the premium “new Russian cuisine” restaurants, the menu is straightforward and affordable. Russian salad with roast beef, potatoes and pickles is 280 rubles ($4.70) for a small serving, or try smoked venison dumplings (from 285 rubles). Homemade vodka infusions come in flavors like sage or cloudberry. 

Cofix at Arma 

Israeli cafe opens 4th branch 

The food scene at the former Arma factory, conveniently located right next to hip Vinzavod and Artplay, is growing more varied by the day. The latest addition is a new branch of the extremely successful Israeli chain Cofix. The chain already has four locations in Moscow where everything goes for just 50 rubles ($0.85), be it an Olivier salad or a chocolate cheesecake, a double espresso or a banana-flavored cappuccino, freshly squeezed carrot juice or a cinnamon roll. 

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