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The Guy Who Plowed His Car Through a Russian Airport Terminal Gets His License Revoked

Pixabay, edited by The Moscow Times

Ruslan Nurtdinov still faces no criminal penalties for driving his car through a busy airport terminal in Tatarstan last December, while high on drugs. Instead, the former police officer has been sentenced to 27 days in jail on the separate charge of possessing and transporting narcotics, which were discovered in his vehicle, after he plowed it through the Kazan airport.

The court also revoked Nurtdinov's driver’s license

“Unfortunately, the weight [of the drugs recovered] wasn’t enough for criminal charges,” a representative for the Tatarstan police department told the press on Monday.

When he was arrested, Nurtdinov was charged with two felonies: using violence against the authorities, and deliberately destroying property. State prosecutors have yet to bring this case to trial, and they’ve offered no update about their investigation.

Nurtdinov is responsible for an estimated 6 million rubles ($100,000) in damages to the Kazan airport.

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