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Time Travel at the Movies

Vladimir Mayakovsky as the "Hooligan" in his only film performance. YouTube

On Saturday night the Illuzion Movie Theater is showing two silent movies written by poet and propagandist Vladimir Mayakovsky, complete with musical accompaniment.

The first film, called "The Lady and the Hooligan," from 1918 stars Mayakovsky himself in his only film role as the hooligan transformed by love for a young school teacher. The second feature, also written by Mayakovsky, is "Oktyabryukhov and Dekabyukhov" (October Belly and December Belly), an “eccentric comedy” from 1928 about a man about to get married when the 1917 October Revolution breaks out. He leaves his bride at the altar and flees the country. His brother – Mr. October Belly — marries his brother’s bride, gets a job, and embarks on a happy life in the Land of Soviets… when Mr. December Belly comes back home. Both films include rarely-seen documentary footage. A night to be remembered for film, history and poetry buffs. Sat. Feb. 11 at 8 p.m.

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