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Moscow Homeless Shelter Named After Famous Russian Philanthropist

Moskva News Agency

Moscow's Social Adaptation Center Lublino has been renamed in honor of philanthropist Yelizaveta "Doctor Liza" Glinka, who died in a plane crash last December.

"Elizaveta Glinka worked closely with the social adaptation center," an official statement from the organization read.

The center's staff and management appealed to city authorities for the name change. Their initiative was supported by Moscow Deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov. 

The Social Adaptation Center Lublino is located in southeast Moscow. It is dedicated to helping homeless citizens recover their personal documents, find a job and return to normal life. 

Elizaveta Glinka died in the crash of a Ministry of Defense Tu-154 airliner last December. The plane, which was bound for Syria, crashed shortly after takeoff killing all 92 passengers and crew. Among the victims were members of the famous Alexandrov Military Choir. 

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