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Aleppo Protest Erupts Outside Russian Consulate in Istanbul

DHA via AP

Protests broke out in front of Russia’s General Consulate in Istanbul the evening of Dec. 13. The demonstrators condemned Russia’s backing of the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad, whose armed forces retook the strategically important city of Aleppo yesterday. 

A video published on Youtube showed demonstrators holding banners condemning the Syrian military’s campaign in Aleppo and “Against the wicked alliance of Assad, Iran, and Russia.” 

Protestors held signs with the slogan “Aleppo is not murdered - We will honor it!” 

Sergei Losev, a press attache for the consulate, told the RIA Novosti news service on Wednesday that the embassy had strengthened its security measures over night, adding that the situation in front of the consulate on Wednesday was “calm.”

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