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U.S. Ambassador to Russia Vows Democracy 'Will Continue' as Trump Wins

Source: U.S. State Department

The U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft has vowed that America's institutions “will continue” after a night of political upheaval across the United States. 

His words came as controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump won U.S. presidency, snatching key swing states from his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

Speaking at the U.S. embassy early on Wednesday morning, Tefft emphasized that all Americans were "participants in the great ongoing experiment that is democracy.”

“Whether you are happy or sad about what the results will eventually show today, whether you are surprised or not, I think one of the key things here is to understand that our institutions in America continue,” Tefft said. “As President Obama said last night in his last interview: the sun will rise in America no matter who wins.” 

Tefft said that he was proud of the American system "in good times and in bad," and that democracy was "about more than elections."

"In our system, checks and balances by three branches of government ensure that each branch is conducting its activities in accordance with our constitution and our laws," he said. "And importantly, our fourth estate as we call it - our free press - helps guarantee open debate and ensures the long term stability of our democratic system."

"We are the ones who are responsible for our government, a government that [former U.S. President] Abraham Lincoln once said is "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Trump, an outspoken businessman who has never held public office, has long been seen as an outsider by political experts. He has long been seen as the Kremlin's candidate of choice by political experts, with Russian President Vladimir Putin describing Trump as "the leader of the U.S. presidential race," and a "bright and talented man."

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