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Russia Outlines New Wartime Regime

Defense Ministry

Russia has outlined new plans for a wartime government regime, the Izvestia newspaper reported Tuesday.

The country's wartime strategy was fine-tuned following special military exercises, the newspaper wrote.

In the event of war, local governments, regional branches of the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, the Federal Security Service (FSB), and much of the National Guard, will now report directly to the military.

Previous plans had seen regional offices work independently and in partnership with local military forces, Izvestia wrote.

The new command scheme is hoped to mobilize citizens, businesses and factories more effectively, as well as protect local industry from enemy sabotage.

Russia launched a four-day civil defense exercise on Tuesday last week, involving some 40 million people across the country. The annual drills have been held since 2012, and test emergency contingency plans.

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