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Belarussian Authorities Withdraw Globes Showing Crimea as Russian

Globes depicting the Crimean peninsula as Russian territory have been removed from shops in the Belarussian city of Mogilev, following a recommendation by the Regional Executive Committee, the Euroradio news website reported Monday.

Globes showing Crimea as Russia contradict the official Belarussian position on the peninsula, Igor Borisov, chairman of the Belarussian Hramada Social Democratic party, claimed in his appeal to the Committee.

After considering the appeal, authorities asked shop owners to stop selling political maps on which “the territorial ownership of Crimea differs from the one accepted by the international community,” adding that they follow the UN General Assembly resolution that does not recognize Russian ownership of Crimea.

The disputed globes were made by Poland’s ZACHEM-GŁOWALA company, whose head claimed that the company does not support Russia's annexation of the peninsula and added that the deliberately incorrect maps were printed in order to stimulate demand among Russian buyers.

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