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Moscow Lifehack: Where Can I Find a Handyman?

Where can I find a handyman?

To be politically correct, it's a handyperson you're after. We've all experienced the frustration and ensuing panic that comes when guests are on the brink of arrival and all the bathroom lights simultaneously blow, the kitchen sink springs a leak or your front door decides it no longer wants to shut. If you're really unlucky, all three of these things might happen at once.

For those who lack the time, knowledge or inclination to handle these domestic tribulations, help is at hand. "Muzh na chas" (Husband for an hour) may sound like an escort agency for desperate singles, but don't be fooled. It's a Moscow-based handyman agency that specializes in quick, convenient handyman repairs. While admittedly rather sexist from a branding perspective, the company can supply you with people willing to fix your toilet, put together that flat-pack from IKEA and lend a hand with the myriad of other odd jobs that require technical expertise — for a small price.

How does it work? An online form allows you to request a handyman any time between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m., including at the weekend. One hour of assistance costs 990 rubles, with subsequent hours charged the same rate. If you have a very specific problem or require someone with particular technical expertise, you can hire a "master" for a set price. You can confirm prices beforehand by calling an operator.

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