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'Little Obama' Ice Cream Goes on Sale in Russia's Tatarstan

An experimental ice cream brand named “Little Obama” has appeared on sale in the Russian republic of Tatarstan, the regional news website reported.

“Obamka” (Little Obama) ice cream went on sale in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in late April.

Deputy development director at the Slavitsa ice cream factory Rasil Mustafin, said that the name was not political but chosen due to the product's chocolate flavor. “There's no political underpinning. We have no intention to offend anyone,” he said. “Someone at the factory came up with the idea.”

The product designers were inspired by a Soviet-era cartoon, said the factory's financial director Anatoli Ragimkhanov. The show featured an imaginary island named “Chunga-Changa,” inhabited by African children. “We just like the name,” he said. “It's so amusing.”

Only one batch of “Obamka” ice cream has been produced for sale so far. The factory will keep the product based on the reaction of local consumers.

The website reported that local residents have already been discussing the new product on social networks, suggesting a number of new polically-inspired brands, such as “Little Erdogan” and “Little Merkel.” The “Erdogan” is to be caramel ice cream coated in milk chocolate and the “Merkel” is to be vanilla ice cream coated in white chocolate, reported.

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