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Moscow to Spend 1 Billion Rubles on Renovating Public Areas

Moscow is to spend almost 1 billion rubles ($12.6 million) on renovating and cleaning areas around metro stations, many of which hosted street properties which were bulldozed earlier this week on City Hall's orders, the RBC news website reported Friday.

The plan has been published on the Moscow government's public procurement portal. The winner of the contract to develop the areas must present their ideas on renovating “objects of recreational infrastructure” by 2017.

Objects of recreational infrastructure include parks, squares and gardens, and spaces in front of social infrastructure and metro stations. The specific streets to be renovated have yet to be determined.

The announcement follows large-scale demolitions of trade pavilions and street properties near metro stations around the city. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that he wants to “return Moscow’s parks, squares and streets to Muscovites.”

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