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Top 4 Moscow Ski Resorts

Volen Stepanovo

Located about four kilometers from Volen Yakhroma, Volen Stepanovo is probably the area that beginners will find most comfortable. This area has four slopes including some of the longest in the region (960 meters) including two green routes (the easiest). Beginners who pick up skiing fairly easily will find this a good place to start. It may not be the Alps, but it will prepare you to try them next.

Volen Yakhroma


Volen is located off Dmitrovskoye Shosse approximately 50 kilometers from Moscow. The area is suitable both for skiers completely new to the sport and for those who are a little more advanced. With 14 slopes and one of the cheapest ski passes in the region, this area is definitely worth checking out. It offers well-lit slopes for skiing after dark or on overcast days, has no less than 11 lifts, and welcomes snowboarders, too. There are three eateries for breaks, and if you decide to stay longer, Volen has a suitably Alpine-style hotel.

Lisya Gora

Lisya Gora

Located to the east of Moscow, just outside the Outer Ring Road in Balashikha, Lisya Gora (Fox Mountain) is definitely the area to check out if freestyle snowboarding or skiing is your thing. There are some terrific ski-jump trails to help you practice that front- or back-flip you have been working on. If you aren't a ski-jumper, there are six slopes for every level of expertise, and even a snow-tubing slope for those of you who prefer to stay closer to the ground.


Are you that person in the group who never has enough skiing and never tires? With lifts running from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturdays and until 1 a.m. on Sundays, Sorochany is the resort with the longest operating hours. It's also possibly the most modern area in the Moscow region. With advanced chair lifts from Austria, the ride uphill will be as comfortable as going downhill. Sorochany has 10 slopes, ranging from beginner to advanced, an ice rink, a kid's play area, a café and cottages for longer stays. It's located off Dmitrovskoye Shosse about 50 kilometers from Moscow.

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