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Moscow Science Library Lets You Celebrate the Joy of Chocolate

Kids enjoying a chocolate fountain after a serious scientific discussion about confectionary history.

The very lofty sounding Nekrasov Central Universal Science Library — called Nekrasovka for short — is holding a celebration that might seem a bit misplaced. On Jan. 4 the library will be celebrating chocolate with talks and walks and chocolate tasting.

Chocolate? At a science library? How did that happen?

It all began with the artists who created the packaging, advertisements, and wrappers for chocolates decades ago. They decided to bequeath their lovingly tended collection to the library, which happily took it and continued to care for it. In honor of the collection and chocolate, the library thought it would be good to start 2016 on the right foot — dipped in chocolate.

First of all, there will be an exhibition of all those wonderful wrappers and ads. And then at 2 p.m., the artist, art historian and descendant of one of the great Russian chocolate dynasties, Dmitry Abrikosov, will talk about the history of chocolate in Russia and the philanthropic works chocolate sales funded. An hour later there will be a talk on how chocolate is made, complete with samples. At 4 p.m. kids can bundle up and take an excursion along Sweet Street that will end with a chocolate fountain at a confectionary factory. The more artistically inclined children might want to take a master class in wrapper design at 4 p.m. instead. Of course, everyone is welcome to share tea and chocolate around the Christmas tree.

In addition to this sweet event, the library is offering a full schedule of master classes — fun stuff, like making robots — and other activities throughout the holiday week. For more information in Russian about all the activities at the Nekrasov Library, see

The Nekrasov Science Library. 58/25 Ulitsa Baumanskaya, Bldg. 14. Metro Kurskaya and then free bus M to library. +7 (495) 916 9068, Ex. 200.

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