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Mystery Parcel Sent to Moscow Police Contains 'Spice' Drug

Moscow police have received a mail package, addressed to an unidentified individual but sent to a police station's address, containing 5 kilograms of the synthetic drug known as "Spice," an Interior Ministry spokesman was quoted by a Russian media report as saying.

Investigators are searching for both the sender and the intended recipient of the package, which was delivered to the northern Chertanovo district to the south of the capital, Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Galiakberov said, local Moskva news agency reported Thursday.

The package was sent from a foreign country, the report said, without elaborating.

"Spice" is the brand name of synthetic cannabis blends that mimic the effects of marijuana using synthetic cannabinoids. The drug's popularity in Russia has soared in recent years, leading to dozens of deaths and causing hundreds of people to be hospitalized.

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