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Muscovite Bailed Out by Confusion Over Gender Identity

Alina Davis

Police have released a transgender Muscovite detained for the possession of drugs because officers could not decide whether to place the suspect in a female or male prison, LifeNews reported.

Dmitry Kozhukhov, who goes by the name Alina Davis, was allowed to go home to await trial after being found in possession of 12 grams of amphetamines, according to a report by LifeNews — a news agency widely believed to have ties to Russia's security services.

“Investigators could not determine which jail to place him in,” an unidentified law-enforcement officer was quoted by LifeNews as saying.

Davis carries a passport identifying its bearer as a man, but dresses and refers to herself as a woman, according to Davis' VKontakte social network page.

Police feared that locking Davis up with male inmates could “drive him to suicide,” but could not place Davis into a female jail cell because of the male gender indication in her passport, LifeNews reported.

This is not the first time Davis' passport has gotten the transgender Muscovite out of trouble.

Davis and wife Allison Brooks both wore white floor-length gowns for their “two-bride” wedding last summer, but despite Russia's ban on same-sex marriage, reluctant officials were forced to wed them because Davis was legally a man.

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