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Hungry Camels Surface in Russia's Siberia (Video)

Russian camels are on their way to pushing bears off the list of the most popular animals on the RuNet after two videos featuring the desert denizens went viral this week.

In a video originally uploaded to Russian sharing site over the weekend, two men are shown fishing by the side of a lake in Siberia's Tyumen region.

As the cameraman turns from left to right, a camel comes into full view.

“Tyumen. Fishing. Camel. The usual!” the cameraman is heard saying, as the fishermen erupt in laughter.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube several days later, had been viewed almost 25,500 times by Thursday.

“What's the emblem of Chelyabinsk doing in Tyumen?” one commenter joked below the original video, referring to the symbol of that Ural mountains city, which is also a camel.

A separate video uploaded on the same day — which cannot be embedded because it contains profanity but you can see here — shows another camel getting up close and personal with two men having a picnic by the side of the River Tura in Siberia.

In truly Russian style, the animal is seen greedily gobbling up a pickled cucumber, as the men collapse into a fit of laughter.

The camel, who is obviously having the munchies, at one point tries to swallow a salt container that the men have left behind on the trunk of their car, but changes its mind and spits it out.

The video ends with the camel giving up and allowing itself to be led away from the party, where it instantly starts munching on some grass.

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