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Driver Posts Video of Road Encounter with Tigress in the Russian Far East

A tigress blocked a road in the Russian Far East's Primorye region for several minutes despite efforts by a man crossing paths with it to scare it away, online news portal reported on Wednesday.

A video showing the the tigress wandering onto the road was posted to YouTube on June 30 by a driver who filmed his improbable encounter with it on his smartphone, explained.

The footage shows the driver as he attempts in vain to scare the animal away by increasing the volume of the music playing in his car.

In a final attempt, the driver approaches the animal with his vehicle. Subsequently, the tigress is seen getting up and clearing the path for the stunned driver to continue his journey. reported that specialists did not consider the animal's behavior unusual. According to them, the tigress did not perceive the car as a living being, and hence felt unthreatened by its presence and the loud music.

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