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Duck Family Disrupts Football Match Featuring Russia's Zenit (Video)

A family of ducks temporarily disrupted a friendly football match between Russia's Zenit St. Petersburg and Bulgaria's FC Ludogorets after wandering onto the pitch several times during play.

The seven ducks eventually had to be ushered off the field by the referee, who blew loudly on his whistle as he herded them out of the stadium, a video uploaded Wednesday to YouTube shows.

Given the amount of rain that fell during the match, the ducks could be forgiven for mistaking the field for a pond. The game in the Austrian town of Stegersbach was eventually called off because of the appalling weather conditions, Zenit said on its website.

The intrusive ducks are not the only creatures to have unintentionally trespassed onto the field of play during a football match.

During an English Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in 2012, play had to be halted after a cat found its way onto the pitch and began careering around it wildly before being removed.

And spare a thought for Swiss player Loris Benito, who was bitten by a pine marten as he tried to stop it from running amok during a 2013 game between FC Thun and Zurich.

Watch the video:

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