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Moscow Man Denies Throwing Girl From Window, Admits Chucking Dog

A man in Moscow has denied pushing a 16-year-old girl out of a seventh-story window but admitted to throwing his pet dog out of it, the LifeNews agency reported Tuesday.

The injured girl was discovered lying on the grass next to a residential building by passers-by on Monday morning, LifeNews reported. Witnesses said that a man then hurled a dog out of the window in front of their eyes, the report added.

The man, identified only as Vagram in the report, denied throwing his female friend's daughter out of the window while in a drunken state and insisted she had been trying to commit suicide, LifeNews reported.

“At that moment I was in the kitchen, I wanted to make some coffee. I'd just switched on the kettle when she jumped,” he was cited as saying in the report.

The suspect did however admit to throwing his pet dog out of the window because it had allegedly bitten him. The dog was treated by vets following the fall, LifeNews reported.

While the girl also escaped with her life, she is currently in the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital after suffering multiple broken limbs and internal injuries, the report said.

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