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Two Women Arrested in Moscow for Throwing New Girlfriend out Window

The woman says she was thrown out of a sixth-story window by two women she had met the day before.

Two women have been arrested and charged with attempted murder after throwing their 29-year-old female friend out of a sixth-story window, Russian media reported Friday.

The woman was hospitalized on June 20 with multiple injuries typical of falling from a great height, the reports said. The police at first reportedly treated the incident as a suicide attempt, but when the woman eventually regained consciousness a week ago, she told police that she had in fact been pushed by two other women, the TASS news agency reported.

The investigation concluded that the women got into a fight after drinking liquor, which resulted in two of them throwing the third — whom they had met for the first time the day before — out of the window, TASS reported.

The suspected perpetrators have been arrested and charged with attempted murder, TASS reported.

The injured woman is still in a hospital in serious condition, LifeNews reported.

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