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Canadian Tourist Plunges to Death in Central Moscow

A Canadian citizen has been found dead in the center of Moscow after an apparent fall from a hostel window, news reports said Tuesday.

The body of Ahmed Frouzi, 69, was discovered by a passer-by Tuesday morning, according to the local news site Moi Raion.

He was found on the street outside 13 Kostyansky Pereulok, Interfax reported. While not named in the report, the On Chistiye Prudy mini-hotel is located at the same address.

Frouzi arrived in Moscow on June 5 and was supposed to have left the country on June 17, Moi Raion reported, adding that the deceased's room had been left in a state of chaos.

The Canadian was believed to have been staying on the sixth floor of the hostel, and his injuries were consistent with falling from a great height, Interfax reported.

The circumstances behind Frouzi's death remain unclear. Repeated calls to the Canadian Embassy for further information went unanswered on Tuesday.

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